[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]a local western suburbs boy who made his way to america/japan/europe  playing baseball.

10 year career travelling the world gave a real broad view of life, good and bad, not realising he had a passion for hospitality until he settle back in australia.. a small partnership in a pub “wet the appetite” for a future in hospo.

fast fwd a few years and with an opportunity to get involved in a cafe in williamstown, the passion evolved…. quickly revered as one of melb new “hip cafes”, followed by a “top 10 new cafe” in the epicure changed the landscape.

not one to sit still, russ followed up with the opening of his new venture, and here we are, Apollo cafe was born..

designed by russ and his wife cassie, this space is inside the very cool post industrial warehouse that houses a wonderful history, The family owned building since it was built just felt right for russ and cassie…

The idea for this beautiful space was simple… lets not take anything away from this building, i wanted the cafe to just blend in, exposed bricks, concrete floor. we are able to aquire some amazing timber from an old church in windsor with wonderful history, im told it was the 2nd oldest church in melb, now a beautiful residence, so that just added to the space we wanted to create.

Apollo opened a year ago with the ideals of keeping it really clean and simple.. an exposed kitchen/bar area with the thoughts of having “no secrets”, a moto the cafe works with everyday.. you can watch the chefs and baristas go about their business, you can even watch the dishes getting done if thats your thing.

Serving 5 senses coffee and utilizing the best ingredients melbourne has to offer, the apollo opened with the idea to create a menu that not only pleased the masses but also challenge them.. a menu that changes often, really often… finding something you love in this place is easy, youve just got to get back in quickly and hope its still on the menu.. and thats the way russ and original award winning chef Darren Morgan wanted it ..


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